Secure Email Hosting: EECONS believes in email-privacy.

When you use email hosted by the large companies such as gmail, yahoo, aol and others we suggest something very strongly ... read the privacy policy, you’ll be in for quite a shock.

EECONS PRIVACY POLICY: “Your private email is your private email, and no one else’s”

For starters: are you a lawyer discussing a case via email?;
or, are you a doctor [possibly breaking HIPAA] and emailing a colleague about a patient?;
or, are you an accountant emailing a client about their tax return?
Or, are you a private-citizen and believe it is no one else's business what’s in your email?

Yes! You should be concerned with who is analyzing your PRIVATE email.

Lets go out on a limb here, are you a young-couple sending each other revealing photos?
If you are doing this via gmail, yahoo, aol and others ... those photos are NOT PRIVATE!

And the account-hacking issues ... ok, we’ll stop, hopefully you understand our concerns

The amount of data-theft going on daily, legally, is mind boggling. Your email is yours, and it is theirs, and any of their customers who pay for it. The industry standard term you’ll see thrown around, like your private-email, is marketing partners.

Marketing partners are any company who contracts to steal, uh, share, your private data.

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