These are product brochures from the original Electronic Enterprises, Inc., the original company that became Electronic Enterprises & Consulting, LLC. Most people today have no idea what an ‘electron tube’ since the electronics world was taken over by transistors.

But, can transistors handle real voltage? If you’re the engineering type, especially electrical, you’ll get a huge kick out of this stuff - see the old product brochures, links to the right

The following is a true story about a corrupt government as told by Edward Frieling, the President of Electronic Enterprises from 1964 - 1980. He made me promise this would not be told until after his death. This is all from memory from his original hand-written notes on a small yellow memo pad. The original papers may still exist and are currently being sought.

Most of these products were sold via military contract to DESA - Defense Electronics Supply Administration in Dayton, OH. This was a group of corrupt military buyers except for one Colonel who actually had a life and snuck information to us on ‘what was going to happen next’ - that’s what happens when you sell to a corrupt government with a crook named Nixon in the White House; who is owned by this mafia dude named Harold Genine who also happens to be the President of one of the biggest companies in the world, IT&T.  So what happens when the president of this huge company owns the president of the US, your big company gets what they want.

Anyone remember “The Nixon IT&T payoffs”? This was HUGE news during the ‘72 reelection campaign, everyone knew IT&T owned Nixon, what they didn’t know about was Operation Family Tree. OFT was a used to run all small electron-tube manufacturers in the US bankrupt forcing all contracts to go to IT&T since no one else could fulfill the military needs; thus jacking prices significantly.  The one cool Colonel, who even refused Ed’s gifts (cash) would tell him what was going on so Ed would always be one step ahead. OFT even placed an illegal government inspector in our factory in Newark, NJ; his job was not to ‘inspect’, it was to ‘force delays’ in shipments to disrupt finances and try to cause contract violations due to non-delivery. The inspector, Mr. Ochs, would not only purposely break our in-house engineered/constructed one-of-a-kind test equipment, once all was good he would tell Ed things like ‘my wife wants a new coat’ (mink of course), or ‘my daughter heard about cassette players and wants one’. It was incredible how corrupt things were.

Best was when the Newark FBI showed up at the factory door at 65 7th Ave, Newark, with warrants for our company books to be confiscated - get this - they were trying to indict Ed for being the head of the Jewish Mafia in northern NJ. I mean these crooks were truly incredible.

All others succumbed to OFT except Ed - he drove IT&T so crazy they finally agreed to purchase the operation; but, they couldn’t do it cleanly without (more) antitrust issues so they finally agreed to an Asset Purchase. Since there were only about 15 tube makers, the equipment was all custom made by the individual companies, by buying all manufacturing equipment from the factory, and the design plans, it effectively put Ed out of the tube business (happily), but IT&T spent many millions of dollars trying to run him out and never could outsmart him. That’s when he coined “You can’t out-fox the fox”. The line he said to the crooks at IT&Tyou’ve been trying to run me out for years, and it will never happen, you’ll just keep spending money. It will be cheaper to buy me out than run me out”. Smart crooks, they bought him out.

EEI Product Brochure


371-B High Vacuum High Voltage Rectifier


3B28 Half Wave Gas Rectifier


576-A High Vacuum Clipper Diode Rectifier
25,000Volts at 2.5 amps,


811-A Power Triode


836 High Vacuum Diode


Ceramic Thyratrons
60,000 volts at 1 amp


The documents below are believed to be from 1968 except the Ceramic Thyratrons were around 1971

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