Daniel Frieling

Career highlights:

  • 1982 Developed (designed, coded, implemented/trained) the first ever EMR;
    CIDAR©Clinical Investigations by Data Acquisition and Retrieval, created under contract with and copyrighted by Colgate-Palmolive; a computerized field data collection system for dental information. Developed for Dr. Anthony R. Volpe/Colgate-Palmolive, Mr. Colgate-Toothpaste (as he is known - http://dent.osu.edu/perio/volpe/bio.php) to collect cavity, plaque and gingivitis study data live on a computer in elementary schools while a dentist examined the subject-student. The multi-year studies, with cumulative data on approximately 3000 subjects, surpassed all previous technology where data was recorded on paper with transcription into corporate mainframes. By carrying the earliest portable computers, such as the Radio Shack TRS-4A, equipped with CIDAR, Colgate was able to process study results far more efficiently, literally days instead of months putting projects far ahead of schedules. The software was the earliest adaptation of an EMR with the concept being to work the way the clinician works; acceptance was a concern as the concept of using a computer was completely unknown at the time. Acceptance was accomplished by having the programmatic-display mimic the look/layout of a mouth with the cursor moving tooth to tooth in the same manner the clinician performs the exam. Recorded data appeared in each tooth position of the mouth (6 values per tooth, 1 for each surface), moving from left to right across the screen, then down, to the lower-teeth, with the cursor then moving from right to left; working the way the dentist did examining the subject. One study required this to be customized for a dentist who read teeth in a different order (middle out). If an examining dentist lost track of what position was documented last, or if (s)he questioned their own assessment, a quick glance at the screen showed a mouth with the scores for quick observation and exam continuation. Colgate contracted with me to install systems and train the medical-school staff of Stony Brook University and University Of Michigan; both under contract with Colgate to supply field data collection services. CIDAR became the model for a multitude of dentisty specific projects from the earliest dental EMR’s to worldwide dental research studies.
  • 1995/96 I was the first to put doctor in exam room on wireless handheld computer running EMR live over the Internet. Wendy Frieling, MD, FAAP, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Dir. Of Teaching Newborn Nursery, Univ. of VT. Equipment used was a Wyse Cruisepad connecting to a Citrix Winframe 1.0 server over dial-up I internet connections. http://eecons.com/inventions/wirelessmedicalrecords/dmf-proxim.pdf/
  • 1992/93 I introduced concept of digital photo-ID being attached to EMR; brought the concept to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children showing how a doctor’s medical-record photo could be the source for quick deployment of identification information to law enforcement in the geographical area a child is reported missing. It was also demonstrated that parent/guardian photos should be available as well, due to the high percentage of abductions perpetrated by known relatives. With the now common practice of attaching photos to medical records, pediatric photos should have a direct linking system to NCMEC. This is a product service I would like to produce.
  • 1992 Developed CompuKID, a pediatric specific EMR. I successfully negotiated contract with American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for a formal product endorsement with an ongoing commission-based revenue model for the AAP. The AAP illegally just voided the contract due to internal fighting caused by physician-members who were mad (jealous) that AAP signed this contract with an outsider and not a doctor who sat on their Section on Computers and Other Technology (SCOT Committee). Several doctors were attempting to write pediatrics systems (none succeeded) and wanted this contract themselves.
  • Speaker at various CME conferences as well as TEPR conference, San Antonio, TX, on why EMRs make a physician additional revenue that more than offsets the cost of ownership. This included examples from saved staff time pulling charts (all time/math displayed) to physicians making informed decisions when on-call.
  • 1980-present, design, develop, program and implement computer software systems across a multitude of industries including telephone companies, manufacturers, distributors as well as electronic medical records systems.
  • 1978 Invented and built the first helmet-CAM http://www.eecons.com/inventions/helmetcam/ Currently designing/building custom helmet-CAM mounts allowing videos to be filmed in full 360-degrees (3 cameras). 2-CAM view can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0D-neH82Nk and ski-level view videos to help manufacturers and instructors to see what a ski really does http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lb-jAT7JBto
  • 1985 Invented the combo face-mask/neck-warmer http://eecons.com/inventions/neckwarmer/

                                    References available upon request

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